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About The Trip


GIVE East is an all-girls program for post 7th & 8th graders in the United States that focuses on volunteering in Jewish and secular organizations. This year, the program starts out in the Northeast (NYC/Baltimore) and travels to West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Participants have the chance to learn the Torah’s view on social action and to reflect and internalize their own experiences. Join girls from all over the country and incredible advisors for a truly memorable summer.

GIVE Easts’s volunteer experiences and activities include creating a carnival for the developmentally disabled, food packaging, distributing food to the homeless, interacting with the elderly, preparing and distributing food at soup kitchens, building houses and picking fruits and vegetables. The schedule also includes lots of fun activities like horseback riding, biking, hiking, tubing and swimming! Guest speakers and out-of-town Shabbatons enrich and complete the experience.

The more you give, the more you gain. Join GIVE East and have a fun and fulfilling summer while making friends and contributing to the lives of others.