We woke up this morning and davened and ate breakfast. Then we started our day! Our first stop was a thrift store where we helped sort and shelve things. Then we drove to a park where we ate my favorite lunch… pizza!! Once we got back on the bus we went to the beach. We’re able to swim and play in the water and then we were able to chill and tan on the beach!! Once we changed back into our regular clothes we headed to dinner. Dinner was an amazing barbecue!! After dinner we went bowling for our night activity!! I got the least amount of points on my team, but I still had the greatest time bowling with my friends. Even once we left, our night activity continued and we were able to go to Walmart!! At Walmart I got tons of snacks to stock up for the bus rides and shabbos!! Now we’re on our way back to the hotel to get some sleep for our early wake up tomorrow!!

So excited to spend my last shabbos here on Give East with all my friends and make a ton more memories!!

Tzipora Klar, Bergenfield New Jersey